The reprover and the reproved

07 Aug

Hello again!

Here is what God gave me today: 

12 As an ear-ring of gold, and an ornament of fine gold, So is a wise reprover upon an obedient ear.

Prov 25:12 (ASV)

Notice the word “wise” this word is extremely important, if you go punishing your kids family friends etc, for example if your neighbor demands you owe him money, because you have done something worthy of you paying him money, then the right thing to do is to go over to him and rebuke him for it right? Wrong, it by far is better to simply pay the money, or better yet to ask for forgiveness and pay the money.

It also mentions in that verse, about a “obedient ear” this is also extremely important, if we are not obedient when our father (be it physical or spiritual) punishes us, we are supposed to listen!!! If we don’t then it will only get worse! If he punishes for doing it one time, wouldn’t it make sense that he would punish us even more? Think about it, if are punished once for it, now that we really know that it is wrong, we may get punished double or triple even as hard as the first time, that’s why it is so important to listen the first time!

you are loved!

Joshua Cleveland

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