the similarities between iron and man-kind

09 Aug

Hello again!Here is what God gave me in his word today: Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.(Pro 27:17)

In other words, one Christain man should be building up another Christain man (This also applies to women) and in doing so, the person who at first set out to encourage, is being encouraged!

Here is the way I see it, in my mind it’s like a cycle: Man/Women gets into God’s word.

God shows man/women what to say/do.

Man/Women obey’s God, and goes and ministeries to some one.

That some one is encouraged.

In God’s time they are “fully restored”.

Maybe when they are “fully restored” they may come back to you, and tell you how grate full they are the “God, working through you has encouraged them so much etc.

In this way, you, and the person your ministering to, gets in encouraged or “sharpened”.

Hope you liked reading what God wrote through me. After all, it’s God’s words, not mine…

You are utterly, totaly, and completely loved!!!

Joshua cleveland

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