the rich the poor the fool the wise… and the one thing they all have in common

31 Aug

Hello again!

Today, what God gave me, rather goes along with yesterday’s post, only this time it’s talking about the one thing everyone on earth has in common.

12 And I turned myself to behold wisdom, and madness, and folly: for what can the man do that cometh after the king? even that which hath been done long ago. 13 Then I saw that wisdom excelleth folly, as far as light excelleth darkness. 14 The wise man‘s eyes are in his head, and the fool walketh in darkness: and yet I perceived that one event happeneth to them all. 15 Then said I in my heart, As it happeneth to the fool, so will it happen even to me; and why was I then more wise? Then said I in my heart, that this also is vanity.

Eccl 2:12-15 (ASV)

The one thing everyone has in common, is, they all die… Now that may sound rather “negative” but it’s true, and it can be negative, if you look at it like, everyone is going to die, in of the world, boo hoo. But, if you look at it like it actually happens, I think you’ll see a different story unfold, first, we die individually, or one at a time or more accurately, thousands at a time, but we’ll ignore that for now, usually an entire family doesn’t die at the same time, if what I’m trying to get at, so the everyone in the world won’t just die.

The second reason it can be “negative” is if we look at it like a sad thing, of course, for the “unbeliever” death is a sad thing, but for the “believer” even though those on earth will mourn the loss of a brother, sister, parent, or friend, they will be comforted by the fact, that, they are in heaven, and that makes it a much more (and don’t misunderstand me on this) “happy thing”, and by that I mean, they didn’t just die, and go to hell, they died and went to heaven, to be with their Lord and savior, and that’s a lot happier than dyeing and going to hell, I can promise you that.

So, it’s still your choice to make, but, in my last post I only mentioned the good some of the good things you get by following Jesus the Christ. I, however, didn’t mention at all some of the things non-believerswould consider “disadvantages” or bad.  Such as, you can’t just sin when ever you want, you can’t just go out and kill your self, which is considered a sin. Life is important, and you can’t just kill it unless your fighting for your life, which isn’t at all suicide (usually). But you get Jesus, who will in able you to stop sinning. He will change you to love others, to love your wife, to love your friends and family, it will be without a doubt,  the best thing that happened to your family, not to mention the best thing that ever happened to you! He enters you and he changes you, he changes your wants and desires to be more like his. It’s both amazing and wonderful at the same time. Well, it’s time to make a choice, yes or no? Will you accept Jesus or not?

You are loved!

Joshua Cleveland

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