Good to the bad and bad to the good

04 Oct

Hello again!

actually, yesterday I was reading in my bible, looking for a verse to pray, and I found it:

“24 Whoever says to the guilty, ” you are innocent” – Peoples will curse him and nations denounce him.25  But it will go well with those who convict the guilty, and rich blessing will come upon them.”

Prov 24:24-25

actually, the verse I found specifically was verse 24, I sort of… Added 25 on today, but there were 3 things, I first thought of when I saw this verse:

“How on earth did I miss this when I first went through proverbs?!”

“I need to post this to my blog!”

“I need to pray this!”

And, as you can clearly see, I am posting it, and I did pray it in church, during our prayer time before the service.

Isn’t it amazing? Or a better question, isn’t he amazing? Jesus was cursed and denounced for us! He took on our guilt and declared us innocent! Now we can go free! It may at times look like the wicked are winning (because, to the world, they are) but in the end “they will blow away like chaff”.

Have you ever wondered why it seems all the unbelievers always seem to have money, power, position? This is why! Even though, they probably won’t call you “guilty” to your face, or even use those words, but you can tell they think of you as a “goodie-tooshoes” and a “more holier than thou” kind of person, they think you are trying to be better than everyone else, and, sometimes they try to prove to you that you are not better than them. In other words, they declare you guilty.

Also, one of the reasons that sometimes believers don’t have the latter mentioned, money, power, and  position, we do, we have spiritual treasures, more power than Mr. Obama, and a position sitting on the right hand of Jesus! That’s all I could ever want. Another reason, is because sometimes God wishes to test us, he will send trails at us, and tests to see how we’ll do.

So, this is what God gave me, yesterday. (The only reason I didn’t actually post this yesterday, it because I, in fact, forgot about it).

You are loved!

Joshua Cleveland

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