The king of everything

23 Nov

Hello again!

I would just like to apologize for not putting this in my last post, I can’t hardly believe I missed!

and to him Abraham apportioned a tenth part of everything. He is first, by translation of his name, king of righteousness, and then he is also king of Salem, that is, king of peace. He is without father or mother or genealogy, having neither beginning of days nor end of life, but resembling the Son of God he continues a priest forever. See how great this man was to whom Abraham the patriarch gave a tenth of the spoils!
(Heb 7:2-4)


 So, lets review a few names and titles of Melchizedek (Jesus)         


1 king of righteousness 2 king of peace 3 king of Salem 4 high priest 5 fatherless 6 motherless 7 immortal 8 worthy of spoils and honor 9 like God.

Wow, that’s a lot to take in. Well, lets start simple and see how these reflect Jesus “king of righteousness” How is Jesus the king of righteousness? Sure he’s perfect but how does that make him king of righteousness?


The Hebrew word for righteousness is tseh’-dek, tzedek, Gesenius‘s Strong’s Concordance:6664—righteous, integrity, equity, justice, straightness. The root of tseh’-dek is tsaw-dak’, Genius’ Strong:6663—upright, just, straight, innocent, true, sincere. It is best understood as the product of upright, moral action in accordance with some form of divine plan.

Look at some of the definitions of righteousness. upright, true, sincere, all things that describe Jesus so far  straight, innocent, justice. Is Jesus all of those things? Yes! if righteousness can be described as being truth, then not only is Jesus the king of righteousness but is the essence of it himself!

How is Jesus the king of peace? Well, let me answer that with another question. How are you alive today? Because Jesus made peace for us. Well, how did he do that? On the cross, when he died for you and me! He made peace between God the father and our sin.

How is Jesus king of Salem? That’s an easy question, the way he is king of Salem is because he is first, king of everything. Including Salem.

How is Jesus a high priest? He made atonement for us, by being the atonement offering.

How is Jesus fatherless? I thought that God the father was his father? Well, you have to remember that they are all three in one, Jesus is God the father, not only that, be he has no earthly father. So, to some degree Jesus is fatherless.

How is Jesus motherless? I thought Mary was his mother? Again, I can’t remember what passage in scripture [I found the passage by the way, it’s (Mathew 12:28)] but I think that it is in John somewhere, anyway, in there Jesus talks about how the people who follow him are his family. Jesus has a huge family, but he has no “family”.

How is Jesus immortal? I thought he died, and if you die, how can you be immortal? He rose again, simple as that. Jesus did die, but he didn’t stay dead (thankfully).

How is Jesus worthy of “spoils and honor”. Frankly, he died for you and he rose again, for you! so that he could intercede with the father… For you!!!!!! If that doesn’t make him worthy of everything we have to offer, and then some, nothing is!

How Jesus like God, I thought you said he was God? Remember, even though Jesus and the father are one, they are still three. An example of this is an egg, it has a yoke, a filmy covering, and a shell, it’s still an egg, but it has three individual parts to it.


I think this is a much more accurate definition of how Jesus is like Melchizedek. And again, if you know what the passage is where Jesus talks about his family being all believers, can you post it in the comments? Thanks, and Thanks to “Lin Pearson” for telling me what the passage was in Genesis, and by the way, that passage was Genesis 14. 

                                                               You are loved!

                                                             Joshua Cleveland

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