Riches to the Wretched

15 Feb

Hello again!

Please quickly read these verses and move on.. … I know that sounds strange, but the verses will probably confuse you, and I want to make sure that you understand their meaning:

Their land is filled with idols; they bow down to the work of their hands, to what their own fingers have made. So man is humbled, and each one is brought low– do not forgive them! (Isa 2:8-9)

Wohoho, what’s going on?!

“So man is humbled, and each one is brought low– do not forgive them!”

Excuse me? I though Jesus said that we should forgive people… … Well, yes, it’s true that ‘Jesus’ did say that, and yes, it’s true that God and Jesus are one. However, to conclude from here the Jesus and God are either contradicting each other, is 100% wrong!

Why? Two reasons:

First of all… … It’s impossible!

OK, got that out of my system :-).

Secondly; Jesus came to save, and he saves in the New Testament… … In the Old Testament, there is war, there is evil, there is a reason that God threw his people into captivity so many times!

Do you understand now, or am I going to use another couple of equal signs (=)?

OK, fine:

Old Testament = Unforgivingness = BAD News!

New Testament = Jesus (the) Christ = Forgiveness!

OK, onto the next part:

Worshiping idols,

Quick Side Note:

Idols can be  anything! They could be a computer, a TV, food, or even a toy car!

Aside from that though, worshiping idols… … Is bad.

OK, good, end of story, goodbye.



OK, yeesh you guys are persistent… … No, this is not how I talk in real life.

Idols disrupt and destroy! It doesn’t really matter what they are, as long as they are keeping us away from worshiping God.

Try looking in your life, if you absolutely have to have your coffee in the morning, try going without it for three days or so, see what happens, do you get irritable? Did you lessen your prayer time? Or where you just fine?

My point is, look in your life, turn off the computer if you have to! Having idols will destroy your relationship with God, don’t let that happen!

You are loved!

Joshua Cleveland

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