Briers and Thorns

14 Mar

Hello again!

I feel a little like I’m about to be “over-spiritualizing” things… So if you notice me doing that, please comment about it! Anyway, here’s the passage:

And as for all the hills that used to be hoed with a hoe, you will not come there for fear of briers and thorns, but they will become a place where cattle are let loose and where sheep tread. (Isa 7:25)


This may not be exactly how this verse was intended; but I think it could mean that Christians aren’t ministering where they should because of fear… Reread the verse, and see if you come up with the same thought.

Christians should be ministering, we (you and me) should be helping those whom God has chosen to put in other countries, and we can help them by giving them the Gospel! … Sometimes places, such as Iraq… Can seem a little quote “scary”; because of the large Muslim population there. Let’s remember a key part of that verse again:

“you will not come there for fear of briers and thorns”

Now maybe you see my point of view… If you look at like this; the briers and thorns are the Muslim fundamentalists (who happen to want to you kill all Christians), and we are the quote “hoer”, then you can see how it could apply…

It’s interesting, because earlier this morning (at lunch), my family and me were reading our study in John, and lo and behold, we came across how the former magicians were burning all of their “magic scrolls”, and immediately after that, it says; “and the Gospel spread greatly in that area”, or something to that effect… My point is this; If we get rid of all of  our personal little briers and thorns, then we can, though the power of Christ, serve – i.e. – give them those who live in briers and thorns, the gospel!

I’m interested to know what you think on the subject, please feel free to post a comment on it… Thank you.

You are loved!

Joshua Cleveland


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2 responses to “Briers and Thorns

  1. satira-mrstidy-quarles

    March 15, 2011 at 9:58 AM

    Blessings to you this day, My ‘little brother’ in the Lord. Isn’t it wonderful, that we have the new “Appian Way” to do just what we are called to do – the World Wide Web! Please continue, as your blog and others are reaching out throughout the world, and, many are coming to hear the Gospel, though, those of us who are on the Web, are not directly in “harms way”. Is Our Father and Our Savior, not wonderful!! Continued Blessings to you and your family, in Jesus’ Precious Name. MrsTidy


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