Mothers Day Sermon

08 May

Hmm, how to sum up an hour of wonderful preaching into a few sentences. Let’s see:

Todays sermon (preached by Pastor Mike;, was on Mother’s day. – Pastor mike doesn’t usually preach topically, but since we were in the middle of finishing John and switching to 1 John, and it was Mother’s day, he decided to do a segment on it – Pastor Mike showed us a good example of a wife from the bible, and a bad one. Namely; – the good example – Lovis and Unius – I don’t actually know how to spell their names – i.e. Timothy’s parents (the biblical Timothy). And – the bad example – Jacob’s mother who was a deceiver. – here he went into how Jacob wasn’t actually a deceiver, his mother was and he in essence “got it from her” – He also talked about how – I already mentioned a little – Mother’s have the highest calling. This is because they are raising the next generation, and if they are deceiving like Jacob’s mother was, their children will probably end up with that trait.

Of course he did go into a ton more detail, I just can’t remember it all…

You are loved!

Joshua Cleveland

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