The Sermon Today

03 Jul

Hello again!

The sermon today to put it in as simple words as possible was this:

It was preached on Galatians 1. The title was “The Only True Gospel”, and was indeed centered on the Gospel entirely.

The pastor brought out how Paul in his letters to the Romans and Corinthians (etc) always brought out some “pleasantry” about what they’ve done that’s good so far. But how in his letter to the Galatians he skips the “pleasantries” and goes straight to the problem; which is that they’ve already “passed over” the Gospel; and gone to a faith that can not save. And in this context the pastor brought out how the Gospel is simply the most important thing and therefore should be addressed as such. Paul saw fit to do something he hadn’t done before, to skip over commending them, and go straight to the problem.

He then talked for a little about how ‘we should throw off the pulpit if he ever did not preach the Gospel,’ and how ‘anyone who doesn’t preach the Gospel has no Spiritual value.’ This may seem a little radical but I believe it’s only what we should be saying. Also, to make this clear, he wasn’t ranting and I apologize if I present him as doing such.

I would like to make a quick apology here for not explaining the sermon in great depth; I find it hard to remember all of it, and only the key bits stuck with me.

You are loved!

Joshua Cleveland


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