1) The Leopar 2) The Worshiper 3) The Betrayer – Sermon Today

17 Jul

Hello again!

Today the sermon was in Mark 14 and John 12.

The pastor’s first point was about Simon the Leopar, I’ll admit to know remembering much of anything about this part except that apparently  there are 10 different Simon’s mentioned in the New Testament. His second point was about the Worshiper, and if you’ll endeavor to read some of John 12, you’ll discover that “The Worshiper” in this particular case is Mary, who broke an alabaster jar and poured the contents (about 1 pound of nard, not to be confused with lard) onto Jesus. Basically here he talked about how it was in fact customary to drip a few drops of nard (in this case) onto a guest who had visited, because they often smelled quite bad after walking. And how it was unheard of for anyone to ever dump an entire jar on someone. And this obviously led into the third point, the Betrayer (Judas Iscariot). And here he talked about, naturally, Judas. And how he betrayed Jesus for the price of the slave, etc.

I apologize for not portraying the sermon exactly as it was, I tend to remember the more memorable things and points. If you don’t want my skimpy version on any more sermons though, I would suggest your going to West Wood Alliance, Mansfield.

You are loved!

Joshua Cleveland

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