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18 Sep

Hello again!

Today the pastor preached on Proverbs 7 (the whole of it).

The pastor talked about, for the most part, “doors” and talked to those walking through them. i.e. He talked about the doors (meaning choices we can make), and the importance of, “looking through those doors,” or, “looking down that path,” to see where it leads. Such as, for example, the man in Proverbs (ch. 7).

The pastor also included 14 questions pointing to what he preached on, here are three of them:


1. What is the problem in the life of the loose woman? Prov 5:6


1. She doesn’t give thought to her decisions, she has no sense of stability and doesn’t know it


2. What can your wife do for you other woman can’t?


2. Maid service? Cook? Raise your kids? – Sexual fulfillment without guilt or defilement of conscience.


3. Sexual temptation is deceptive. It appears to be tasty like honey (5:3) but after digestion is as wormwood in the stomach. (5:4) How is that true?


3. None given.

He, as you can see above, also talked a little about sexual immorality (outside of marriage).

You are Loved!

Joshua Cleveland

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