The Sermon Today (#15)

02 Oct

Hello again!

Today the pastor preached on Matthew 18 verses 21-35. There were two points I picked up:

First, if there’s something that we’ve done (wrongly) that we haven’t yet asked forgiveness for yet, we should get to asking… It was of course much more than that and included a story about a guy who waited about 10 years to confess something or other that he had done. And of course, how when he had finished apologizing, he had the guilt of it lifted off his shoulders (after being forgiven)… I think you get the point.

Second, (a naturally lead into point) if we haven’t forgiven someone yet, we better get to doing so… Just call me The Sumarist.

The general point was that through Christ’s death for us, we can both be forgiven by God and man and can forgive man.

You are Loved!

Joshua Cleveland

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