The Sermon Today

04 Dec

Hello again!

Today pastor Chris preached on Matthew 2:1-12. This time he focused on the Wise man; as compared to last time, when he focused on the shepherds. – He had four main points; after each point, I’ll follow it with my sub-point:

I. Jesus is worth giving our time (the wise men gave four years of their time).

A. He is worth giving our time, because he gave up His life for us.

II. Jesus is worth giving our plans.

A. He is worth our giving up our plans to follow because He gave up ‘the plan’ of staying in Heaven.

III. Jesus is worth giving our material possessions.

A. Please don’t get the wrong idea, pastor Chris isn’t a televangelist or something like that. He was simply saying that if you have enough, you should give. – Christ gave up all Heaven for us, so now we can give what God puts on our hearts to give.

IV. Jesus is worth giving our safety.

A. Christ gave up His safety for us; He came from Heaven to Earth, I call that giving up safety. Therefore we can and should do the same. – The pastor made it clear that by “giving up our safety” he meant that in the future in will likely be dangerous to be a Christian.

You are Loved!

Joshua Cleveland

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