The Sermon Today

01 Jan

Hello again!

Today it just so happens my brother was the “pastor.” Granted, he was preaching to a congregation of one; namely, me… But that’s entirely beside the point. The point is, no matter how short it was, he preached. Congratulations, Daniel, on preaching your first sermon:

Today the sudo-sermon was on 1 Romans 1:1-7. Basically what happened was Daniel read the whole passage, than went though it verse by verse. – It was about 20 minutes long, so that was pretty much all that happened. – Basically what he touched on was the following:

We’re given grace and we’re called to preach… That’s a severely summarized version, but I’d say it’s fairly accurate; we’re given grace, and because of that, everyone can preach and at teach… That’s not to say everyone should, to each is given a different gift of the Spirit, but everyone has been given a gifting to teach in some area.

You are Loved!

Joshua Cleveland

P.S. I personally don’t support having church at home and do believe it’s important to go to church if you can, however, just now the people in family couldn’t.


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