The Sermon Today

15 Jan

Hello again!

Pastor Chris decided to preach on Galatians 3 (I can’t remember the exact verse; we didn’t really look at the verse much) but he mainly focused on the Old Testament. — The subject of the sermon was, simply put, promises. Specifically: the promises God made to Abraham, David, and Joseph. One of his main topics was that we shouldn’t expect God to fulfill his promises to us in the way we expect him to do so.

The three promises in question: God promised Abraham he would have many descendants, he promised  David that he would be king when he was anointed, and he promised Joseph that all his brothers would bow down to him in a dream. These are three very different promises, but they all had one thing in common: between the promise being made, and the promise being fulfilled, there was a lot of hardship. In Abraham’s case, this hardship was in the form of twenty-five (or so) years.

For David, “the hardship” was pretty obviously Saul chasing him around and, more pressingly, trying to kill him.

With Joseph… Well, I’d dare to say being sold into slavery (by his own brothers, no less), getting accused of doing something he didn’t do, namely, raping a women, getting thrown into prison, etc. would put anyone off their dinner.

The point was simply this: God probably wont choose to fulfill his promises to you instantly or in the exact way that you think they should be fulfilled. He also mentioned that Abraham in particular had to wait awhile for his promise to be fulfilled, as it was only truly fulfilled at the cross when Jesus become a, “blessing for all nations.”

You are Loved!

Joshua Cleveland

P.S. As you may have noticed, I decided to make a quick detour from my posts on legalism to bring you the sermon today. I’ve scheduled the next post on the subject for 6:00 A.M…. Though honestly, I don’t know who’d be up at 6.00 A.M. to read the post, I figured I may as well have it be posted early.

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