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26 Feb

Hello again!

Today the second interim-pastor, Mark Campo, preached at Fountain of Grace Church (i.e. The Fountain). He preached on Judges 6:1-32, and had four main points:

  1. God uses ordinary things, In extraordinary ways.
  2. The things God does come from His strength not ours.
  3. If we do courageous things for God, it’s a testimony to others of God.
  4. It is necessary for us to be serious about our response to God’s call.

For the most part though, he actually focused on three things:

  1. What a wine-press is, and what it meant for Gideon to be threshing wheat there.
  2. What a threshing floor is.
  3. That we should tear down the “altars” (arguments against God, etc.) of the Muslims.

Now, it may seem bad when I put it like that, but if you’d been there you would’ve seen how he tried to weave all of those things in with each-other. But, in general, his sermon emphasized that no matter who you are, God can use you.

You are Loved!

Joshua Cleveland

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