The Sermon Today

27 May

Hello again!

Today was one of my dad’s days off from preaching, so we decided to go to a different Church. The sermon was wonderful, though I’ll admit to being confused at the title: “Nothing Can Stop Us Now”. That aside though, he preached out of Luke 8:40-56. His three main points where as follows:

  1. We are not to doubt Jesus’ power. The example he used here, was of the people who laughed at Jesus when He told them that Jairus’ daughter was only sleeping. [vs. 52-53] – They doubted Christ.
  2. We are not to trust in the power of man. Here he took a slight step back, and started talking about the first incident mentioned in the verses he was going off of. – A women who had a “discharge of blood”, being cured. A little more specifically, he talked about how, before coming to Christ to be healed, she had gone to doctors to be cured. (For the record, I’m not, and neither is the pastor, trying to discourage anyone from seeking medical help. However, his point was that we should be trusting in God, and not doctors, to heal us. And if God chooses to use doctors to heal us, so be it.) [vs. 43]
  3. His third and final point, was that we should trust in Jesus. Here, he returned to the formerly dead girl who had Jesus had raised to life, as well as to the healing of the women. – We are to trust Jesus to heal us, not men. Whether the disease is something physical, or not. [vs. 44 and 54-55]

Feel free to share any thoughts you have.

You are Loved!

Joshua Cleveland

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