Today’s Sermon

05 Aug

Hello again!

Today the Pastor preached on the topic of giving, from the passage Mark 1:1-9.

For the most part, the pastor talked on two different types of giving: extravagant giving, and excellent giving. He said that extravagant giving is always warranted, but not always possible, but that excellent giving is always warranted and always possible. For example, he said that not everyone is able to give up a year’s income, as the women in Mark 1:1-9 did, but that everyone is able to give “excellently.”

The pastor then explained what excellent giving was, and to who we should give:

“Excellent” giving is giving that honors Christ; giving that results from our recognition of all that Christ has done for us. He then posed the question, ‘But who should we give to?’ Followed by the answer: we should give to the local Church (he did not say this out of some self-serving purpose), and towards groups that, “Make disciples of all nations.”-Groups that bring people to Christ.

You are Loved!

Joshua Cleveland


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