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30 Sep

Hello again!

Today the Pastor preached on Matthew 6:9. He had already preached through the entire book of Matthew, but decided to go back to the Lord’s prayer, and preach five sermons on that.

Perhaps somewhat obviously, his focus in the sermon was prayer, though in the beginning of his sermon, he did also talk for a bit on gay marriage (and how it is wrong). I suppose that was simply what was on his heart at the moment. Regardless, the main message was on prayer. His main points where these:

  • Prayer should be done while expecting to receive a response.

Here, he brought out how whenever Jesus’ disciples talked to Him, they were in a sense, “praying.” e.g. His disciples didn’t say, “Lord, who sinned that this man was born blind? Him, or his parents?” Only to walk off before Christ answered them. That being said, the pastor also noted that not all conversations Jesus had where prayer; the Devil wasn’t praying to Jesus in the desert while tempting Him to sin. The difference between His disciples and the Devil, being that His disciples where “communing” with Him, while the Devil most certainly was not.

  • Prayer is our way of talking to God.

This may be seen as an obvious point, but the pastor brought out here that talking to God really is no small matter. We often take our ability as Christian’s to talk with God for granted, because we can’t actually see God, and therefore sometimes feel He doesn’t deserve the respect of someone who we can see, even if the person we can see isn’t the being that created you and then died for you. – The pastor’s main point here was to bring out that we should treat prayer with great respect.

You are Loved!

Joshua Cleveland

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