Today’s Sermon

29 Oct

Hello again!

Today we had a “step-in” pastor, who had been a missionary in various parts of the World for the majority of his life. He preached one of those “touch-and-go” type sermons, where he talked on various points, and then brought in a scant bit of the Bible to support one or two of his points. That being said, he did also preach good doctrine, that the Bible does teach (not that you might know that the Bible taught them after listening to the sermon). He taught us the “high-five”, in which I believe every finger represents a different Biblical principle. They were the following:

First, the thumb is to represent love, without which the Church would perish. Second, the pointer finger is to represent hope, which sustains the Church. Third, the index finger is to represent joy, which keeps the Church going. Fourth, the ring finger is to represent respect. Finally, the little finger is to represent truth.

He mainly used stories from his life as a missionary to demonstrate each point, but what I took away from it was this: firstly, that it’s only by Jesus’ ultimate display of love for us, when he died for us on the cross that the Church can keep from perishing. Secondly, it’s only by Jesus, our hope of glory, that we can be sustained. Thirdly, it’s only by our joy in our redeemer that we can keep going. Fourthly, we can live respectfully/obediently to God because of the strength that Jesus gives us. Finally, we can only find truth in the truth, the way, and the life: our savior, Jesus Christ.

You are Loved!

Joshua Cleveland

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