Concerning True Ministers

03 Dec

Hello again!

Today I decided to depart slightly from the regular post, and instead write a little essay on what exactly a true Minister is. – This is what God gave me today:

What exactly is a Minister? Is it someone who spreads the news that, if you could only do this and that, you would be right with God? Is it someone who tells you that, if you were only a better person, then you would be right with God? Is a Minister perhaps someone who lays out the different choices that you have in your life that will make you either a better or a worse person? Not at all. People who preach that particular kind of message are not Ministers, but are rather merely the leaders of their own little clubs. This is because a true Minister is one that preaches the message God wants to be preached, while the leader of a club “preaches” the message he wants to preach.

You see, there are many people out there today who claim to be Ministers. Indeed, you can hardly turn a street corner without running into a dozen self-proclaimed “Churchs”. Sadly though, people have quite lost sight of what it means to be a real Minister, and a real Church. A real Minister, is a Minister of the Gospel. Paul told the Corinthians that while he was with them, he had resolved to know nothing but the Gospel [1 Corinthians 2:2]. Elsewhere, too, Paul constantly reminds those he writes to in His epistles to remember the Gospel; in 1 Timothy 1:2-7, Paul charges Timothy to charge “certain people” to stop teaching a “different doctrine” than what he had laid out in verse two. That is, not to teach a different doctrine than that of the grace, mercy, and peace we have from God the Father.

In spite of this, however, acclaimed “Ministers” continue to preach Gospel-less “sermons”. They leave out the very power of God unto salvation, and so their “sermons” are powerless. Indeed, the majority of preaching that doesn’t include the Gospel is almost useless. Yes, we can learn from doctrines. Certainly it is fine to talk about obedience to this or to that, but a Minister must always include how we can be obedient to this or to that, is by the fact that Jesus took our sin and gave us His righteousness. A true Minister of the Gospel and of God’s word recognizes this, and puts it to use in his sermons.

A true Minister is someone who doesn’t force his congregation into a half-willing submission to God in order to be seen “fit” by society. Neither does a true Minister require unerring perfection; a standard, no matter how much he claims to be able to do so, even he cannot live up to. Rather, a true Minister is one who accepts the fact that his congregation still, even though Jesus has taken and slain their sin nature, still have flesh, and so still occasionally fall to sin. A true Minister is one who encourages his congregation towards living a Godly and holy life, and to repent quickly after stumbles. A true Minister is also one that unerringly preaches the Gospel!

In conclusion, any Minister that preaches a message other than that of the Gospel; other than the message which is distinctly Christian, is nothing more than the leader of a club or of a religious group. Nearly all other major religions have some form of standard for their people to live up to; Christianity is the only religion that gives people a way to live up to this standard. It is, therefore, a Minister’s job (so long as he wishes to remain a Minister of God’s word, and not a promoter of Buddhism or Islam) to share this message each and every week with his congregation.

You are Loved!

Joshua Cleveland

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