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09 Dec

Hello again!

Today the pastor preached on Luke 2:25-38. It was a very good sermon, I did have to somewhat “translate”certain things which he said in order to fully grasp the idea, (for example, at certain points he treated the birth of Christ as though it accomplished the same things as His death), but over all it was a very good sermon. Here were his three main points:

  1. Jesus’ birth prepares us to die.
  2. Jesus’ birth gives us a purpose for living.
  3. Jesus’ birth brings us to surrender.

Of course, all of those things are actually done at the cross, but the pastor did certainly preach in a manner where you could simply “translate” parts of it to their actual meaning. – It’s nearing Christmas, you can hardly blame Pastors for wanting to incorporate Jesus’ birth into their sermons.

All that being said, here is what I remember about the three points:

In his first point, the Pastor focused on Simeon. The part I remember in particular is where he told us about how we can see our example (as to how Jesus’ birth prepares us to die) from Mary. This is because, in his blessing, Simeon tells Mary that a sword “will pierce her heart too.” He then talked for a little on how this did indeed happen at the cross: when Jesus’ heart was pierced, I have no doubt it was as though Mary’s heart had been pierced too.


In his second point, the Pastor told us that Christ’s birth gives us a purpose for living because Christ’s coming gives us hope and a task. The hope being the hope of eternal life, and the task being that of spreading the good news of Christ to those around us.

In his third point, the Pastor told us that Jesus’ birth should bring us to surrender. He said that it’s never too early, that it’s never too late to surrender our-self to Christ. Concerning the “it’s never too late” bit, he reminded us of Simeon again, who had waited his entire life for Christ’s birth. He told us that there was surely points when Simeon must have thought he was too weak to keep waiting, but he never gave up hope. Concerning his point about how it’s never, “too early”, the Pastor reminded us of how women were often married very young back then, and so Mary may well have been no older than a teenager when she devoted her life to carrying for Christ. After saying this, he encouraged all the children there to, ‘devote their lives to Christ today, because we don’t know if there will or won’t be a tomorrow.’

Anyway, it really was a great sermon, and a real breath of fresh air after all the self-proclaimed “Churchs” my family and I have been going to lately. I hoped you enjoyed reading about it as much as we enjoyed hearing it.

You are Loved!

Joshua Cleveland

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