Meditating on Jesus

18 Dec

Hello again!

This is what God gave me today in His word:

Meditate on Jesus, the Messiah, who was raised from the dead and is a descendant of David. This is the gospel I tell others. (2 Timothy 2:8) – A quick side note here: I prefer the ISV translation of this verse simply because I believe “meditate” has a stronger meaning than “remember”, which is how the ESV translates it).

Paul first talks about what we are to do for Christ (see 2 Timothy 2:1-7), and now he is telling us to remember what Christ did for us. Indeed, not only to remember, but to meditate upon it. Meditation implies finding a quiet place, clearing your mind of all other thoughts, and focusing only upon Christ. – The World has its own form of meditation, where you clear your mind of all thoughts except those which build you up. While this can sometimes provide temporary relief from stress, it cannot truly fix our problems. It’s only by focusing on Jesus and the mighty work which He has accomplished for us that we can truly have our problems erased.

Jesus once told a parable about a man who built his house on sand, and a man who built his house on rock. Storms came to both houses, but only the house which had been built upon rock survived the storms. Jesus is our rock, and we are to mentally “build a house” on Him. Meaning that we are to settle down, as it were, on Him. When you live somewhere, you see that place constantly. You can’t go outside without seeing where you live; for that matter, you can’t even go inside without seeing where you live. It should be the same with us and Christ: If He truly is our rock, and if we truly have built our-self upon Him, it only makes sense that we ought to be thinking constantly of Him. He is our savior and our Redeemer, He deserves our constant praise and worship. Of course, we can’t hope that thoughts of us won’t ever intrude upon thoughts of Him here on Earth, we have to wait until we get to Heaven for that to happen. However, we can certainly set time apart to be with Jesus, and think on Him.

You are Loved!

Joshua Cleveland

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