Today’s Sermon

30 Dec

Hello again!

Today the pastor preached on Isiah 8:22 and 9:3-4. From these passages he got five main points:

  1. Oppression. Here the pastor talked on how people tend to turn to the wrong things to find solutions to their problems. He said they tend to go to the “Earth”, instead of to Christ.
  2. Illumination. The pastor talked here about zeal for the Lord. i.e. That our zeal for the Lord will spread Christ’s light.
  3. Celebration. Here he talked about how all nations are blessed by Christ.
  4. Liberation. Here the pastor talked about how the people in Isiah’s day would have known what it was like to have a “bar across their shoulders. He said that we too had a bar across our shoulders – one of sin, but that it was lifted from us and put on Jesus.
  5. Incarnation. Here the pastor concluded by talking about how Jesus is the fulfillment of all the previous four points: Jesus bore unimaginable oppression  He was the very light of the World. He is the reason we can celebrate, and He has freed us from our sins (we are liberated).

You are Loved!

Joshua Cleveland

P.S. I apologize if the points don’t seem connected. I assure you they were connected quite nicely in his sermon, but I couldn’t quite remember the finer details of the sermon.

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