Today’s Sermon

13 Jan

Hello again!

Today the pastor preached on Isiah 9:7. He brought several points: Mainly, though, he talked on the differences between God’s kingdom, the differences between the World’s king and our king, and on how we can become a part of God’s kingdom. To show us the main differences between God’s kingship and that of the World, he took several parts of the passage and showed us how they applied to God (of course none of the names are said in the actual passage, but are the names that we associate God with when He shows us some of His attributes):

1. Wonderful counselor.

2.  Everlasting father.

3. Prince of peace.

4. Mighty God.

No mortal king can ever be as great as God. Therefore, no mortal kingdom and can ever be as great as God’s. He went on to show us how God’s kingdom isn’t bound by time (it isn’t temporal) and how it isn’t “local” (i.e. it isn’t regulated to one little area of the World as all Earthly kingdoms are).

He finished by telling us how we can become a part of God’s kingdom: The only way we can become a part of this great and vast empire, is to accept Christ’s death and Resurrection for us. We need to realize how wicked we were, and then see how awesome Jesus is, and that He can save us and help us out of the pit we’ve dug our-self into.

You are Loved!

Joshua Cleveland

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