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09 Jun

Hello again

Today’s sermon was in Luke 11: 29-32. The pastor’s main topic was on what exactly the, “Sign of Jonah,” is. The main point was on how the, “Sign of Jonah,” was pointing forward to Jesus’ death and Resurrection.

For example, when Jonah disobeys God and takes a ship in the opposite direction he was supposed to go, God sends a storm. At first, the sailors try to row their way to safety-they try to find salvation through their works. However, the storm didn’t stop until they accepted that, in order for them to live, Jonah would have to be thrown overboard. Of course, this isn’t a perfect comparison, as the storm came due to Jonah’s sin instead of the sin of the sailors, but there is a comparison none-the-less.

Another comparison he made was on how Jonah was in ‘the belly of the whale’ for three days and three nights, before miraculously shot up to land on the third day. He tied this in with how Jesus was dead for three days (and nights), but on the third day, was miraculously risen to life and ascended to Heaven.

I believe he made some more comparisons as well, but that is all I kind remember for the time being.

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