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07 Jul

Hello again!

Today the pastor preached on Luke 12:13-21. Throughout the sermon, he gave various illustrations to help in making his point. One such illustration that stuck with me was of an Industrialist and a fishermen who were having a conversation. The industrialist asks the fisherman why it is that he only catches, “Just enough,” fish to live on, rather than catching enough to make a profit, and perhaps eventually build up a fleet of ships to fish for him. The fisherman replies, “Then what?” to which the industrialist says, “Then you could take life easy and relax.” The fisherman ends it by saying, “But that’s what I’m doing now.” The point the pastor was making by this, is that we shouldn’t need stuff to be happy, like the rich young ruler whose talked about in the passage seems to. Anyway, here are the main points he gave us:

  1. The warning against regarding materialism. See verse 13.
  2. Life is not defined by our possessions. Review verse 13 if you wish.
  3. Truth in a parable. See verses 14-19.
  4. Sobering conclusion of a life focused on possessions. See verses 20 and 21.
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